Klimawohl – Brand Identity


The client needed a bespoke identity for his business idea in the automotive industry. Their services targets the air conditioning systems with regards towards the environmental, health and personal security issues.

Moodboard & Keywords

We live unprecedented times and nature gives us cues that civilisation should balance more the ongoing development with our natural habitat. Without the intention to be a moral appeal, the KlimaWohl services are rather a reinforcement of the idea of reason, responsibility and action in our living environment.

Concept 1.

The logomark is suggestive of the gentle flow of air, caressing both the driver and the passengers in the car. The rounded logotype is intended to further support the main concept, following the curves and thickness of the symbol. Unlike the usual approach in the automotive industry, where visual identities tend to “hit” the eye with straight lines, sharp corners and masculine attitude, our identity is meant to express the opposite, keeping a strong and balanced appearance through the weight of the lines, dynamic of the letterforms and colors. You can be gentle, strong, reliable and responsible without being rough. We are here for you.

The color palette is intended to suggest both freshness and also create contrast between the elements. The further use on different applications and graphic materials should shape a coherent and distinctive visual identity.

Details regarding the construction of the logomark and logotype, emphasizing the rhythm and relationship between the graphic elements.

App Home Page

A preview of a future mobile app to be developed. The interface should follow the color scheme, the same style of rounded lines and text boxes.

Promotional badge

The recommended shape for a badge is a circular design, customizable according to de needs (ex.: Promotional, Responsible leader, employee badge, etc)

Color Palette


Concept 2.

Our next concept is based on a more abstract graphic form of the air flow, inspired by the aerodynamics involved in the automotive design industry.

In order to keep a gentle voice, the typeface is used in lower case. While the construction of the font face borrows curves from our logomark, it still inspires strength and balance in combination with our flower-fan-like symbol, destined to herald nourishment for the precious vehicle, comfort for the driver and the passengers, care towards our fragile environment.

Booking App

A color code can be developed based on each category of clients (ex.: Individual, Corporate, occasional Klimawohl caravans, etc). The app should have a different color theme for each type of service stated above.

Concept 3.

Our last concept dives even deeper on an abstract level and follows the automotive visual trend of sharp, dynamic lines.

The abstract symbol for the airflow is used in combination with a dynamic, visually impacting typeface. The choice of colors sets the technology-related mood through bright shades of blue and teal.



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