The Hatchet League

The Hatchet League is a fictional superhero team that features female characters from Romanian literature. In the original stories, they are usually depicted as female peasants with no special powers whatsoever, but brave, ambitious, caring and with a strong sense of justice. The challenge was to illustrate them from a contemporary perspective based on their qualities and original context. The technique is a combination of vector art and hand-painted textures on wood and special paper.

Vitoria, widow of a shepherd, avenged her beloved husband`s death and seeks to take righting wrongs to a next level. Meet the leader of The Hatchet League.

Ana, the beautiful young wife of the greatest romanian mythical master builder, was cemented into the walls of the princely monastery he and his men were building. As the legend goes, the builder believed that “nothing durable and unique can be built without the creator’s sacrifice of something beloved and precious”.

I envisioned her escape from the walls, happily strolling and singing away from the place of her demise.

The World vibrates by the way she walks. An angelic demon as a child, grown as a wonderful woman, a sunshine and driving force for all around her. Olguta, a charming boisterous soul.

 Paradise has fallen apart when one day, a man that secretly loved her, killed her beloved husband. Her keen intuition points at the criminal and in order to uncover his crime she marries him and patiently waits for 9 years until the circumstances are favorable. Her unorthodox ways leave you wondering if her acts were in the name of her passionate love or it morphed into a mere vengeful existence. Not a match for the faint-hearted.


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