Royal Transylvania Horse Coat of Arms and Branding

Graphic Design, Illustration

Royal Transylvania Horse Coat of Arms and Branding

I was assigned to redraw a family crest from a photographed old illustration of it. The client wanted a more contemporary look and to be able to use it on a larger scale and on different materials. It was also the main inspiration for the “The Royal Friesian Horse Association of Romania” Coat of Arms presented below.

The Royal Friesian Horse Association of Romania is a non-profit venture dedicated to promoting the Friesian breed within Romania. Founded at the end of 2012, the organization approached Kraftmark to create a bespoke brand identity that would represent the breed itself and the gracious and elegant nature of their scope.

Creative team:
Mihai Velcescu – Creative direction
Cristina Ștefan – Graphic design & illustration

We used the founder`s family crest as a reference from which we kept the shield, the helm with the lambrequin and coronet, and added the black stallion with accents of light for volume. As well, the moon and the sun were added as symbols of balance through duality, equilibrium.


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