Reflective Realities

Folio, Painting

Reflective Realities

A selection of paintings from the “Psychonauts” exhibition that took place in 2016 in Bucharest on 24th of July. The exhibition featured two artists: Cristina Ștefan (Reflective Realities) and Răzvan Dumitru (Geometrical Fragments). The event is featured by Threshold and is part of the Z/K Label Nights series. It was accompanied by a Zammorian live session and DJ sets.

Main concept
Psychonauts – art as a mental state in which the individual explores the accompanying experiences. The creative act becomes a research project while immersing into the deeper layer of consciousness and gaining new insights upon the simple act of being. 
Reflective realities – is an invitation to focus on mindfulness. Re-framing one’s mental representation can be liberating from our predictable nature. The result puts matter on a secondary, less constrictive plane. Let’s tune in.

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