New Collection Catalog

Graphic Design

New Collection Catalog


The store wants to reach out to a higher number of potential consumers. Our task is to identify the most cost effective offline activation that would increase traffic in the store.


We presented the new arrivals in a high class catalogue that had attached to it a gift card. Activated in 48 hr, the card would carry a welcome discount and an invitation to a private shopping session.


The brief asked us to find the most cost effective way of reaching a target audience that is very hard to reach: luxury shoppers. Our target is numerically low, and the number of luxury shopping destinations is high, meaning that we would have to develop our strategy to mute the messages of the competition.
After researching the target audience and the competition, we defined the marketing strategy: affiliate the brand to luxury destinations, such as hotels, restaurants, and auction houses. This would both boost engagement moments with our local target audience, but also open opportunities for luxury shoppers that visit Bucharest for business.
We’ve created a premium catalogue, presenting the latest collections and designers, and we’ve created a special gift card that would have to be activated in 48 hours to give the consumer special welcome discounts and invitations to cocktail parties and fashion presentations.
We then put together a presentation kit that Address is using in partnerships with other businesses to cross promote the new collection.

ADDRESS CONCEPT STORE is a high fashion boutique located at the heart of Bucharest’s luxury shopping street Victoria Blv. The Store features brands like Victoria Beckham, Mother, Helmut Lang, Aurelie Bidermann,
Damir Doma and Lara Bohinc.


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