Gotham Masquerade


Gotham Masquerade


Among all the urban conglomerates of this world and the fictitious, Gotham stands out as an avatar of the decay and corruption that comes with the advent of the metropolis. The characters that dwell in Gotham are themselves avatars of troubles, frustrations and the soul-crushing standards and norms of society. The twist of having the essence removed to the mask and have the mask taken by another underlines its fleeting character. The male and female switch sides to further emphasize details seen in the contrast of sanity versus norm and evil versus good.

We stopped checking for monsters under our bed when we realized they were inside us. 

The characters are available as prints of various sizes. A set of 6 prints on 75x100cm foamboard is still available at the price of 350EU.

Various fashion items and home decor can be ordered here


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