Enchanted is an invitation to see the essence of living things,
the beauty of nature-inspired stories rendered by human creative genius over time, left for posterity to contribute to a rich imaginary, stimulating curiosity and spiritual quests. A depiction inspired by Romanian mythology, the magic dance of the Iele.
“Cristina Ștefan’s approach goes beyond shapes and into the realm of myth and movement. Movement is what defines posture, which, in turn, defines stature and meaning. In Ștefan’s works you can find a subtle thread that links her idiosyncratic aesthetics to far-reaching, deeply rooted, symbols that carry ancient narratives.”
— Zazen/Kraftmark
Augmented Reality poster.
Music by Andra Ștefan (soundcloud)
The AR project was featured in various art, design & technology-related events like Binar 2019 and TEDxBucharestSalon – Women March Together, to name a few.
If you want to experience it first hand, download we.AR app (google play & app store) and point it at the left image. 
More photos, details and videos can be found on the official page of the artistic gathering experimenteAR

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