De Basm

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration

Collaboration with children boutique “BuBu Mic” for a series of illustrations based on Romanian fairy tales. The challenge was to illustrate them as little kids, to fit the boutique’s theme. I was inspired mainly by the original stories, adding traditional motifs and various relevant elements for the story. Also the visual identity of the collection is made by me.

The protagonist from the Romanian fairy tale with the same name. He starts his journey as a young inexperienced prince. His noble nature and kind personality takes him through unexpected situations but eventually becomes a great king. His best friend, the horse, is always by his side to help him. 

The most beautiful among the fairies, Ileana represents the original concept of feminine beauty. In Romanian folklore, she would be the impersonation of human perfection.

The protagonist from Romanian fairy tale “Prâslea the Brave and the Golden Apples” — personification of bravery, cleverness, modesty and good nature.
The main character of Romanian tale “Ileana cea Şireată” by Ioan Slavici. She is a model of wit, beauty, cleverness 
and kindness. 

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